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Legends for various Tabs in CWC Flood Forecast Information :

This is a website for Central Water Commission’s Flood Monitoring and Forecast dissemination. This can be explored using map based exploration or list based exploration.

Map can be used as a tool to find information of 183 CWC Flood Forecasting Station. The Colour of any point signifies the basic Characteristics of the Station. Green is for Flood Level Forecast Station and Blue is for Inflow Forecast station basically a dam/reservoir/barrage/weir etc.

These colours will be dynamically changing for Flood Level Forecast Stations as per the river water level with respect to Warning Level (WL), Danger Level (DL), Highest Flood Level (HFL). Normally latest dynamic information is available during flood period 1st May/1st June to 31st October/31st December every year.

Blinking “Yellow” when the river level is flowing at a level which is equal to the warning level to a level which is below 0.5 m of HFL.  (Low Flood   when river level is between WL and DL, Moderate Flood (When river level is between DL and0.5 m below HFL)

Blinking “Orange” when the river level is flowing within 0.5 m of HFL and below HFL (High Flood).

Blinking “Red” when the river level touches HFL or flows above it (Unprecedented Flood).

On clicking a particular station, a window opens showing the static information of the station. The latest available dynamic information such as water level and flood forecast issued are also displayed in the window.